Fahari - To have a sense of Pride
Fahari - To have a sense of Pride


For The Face And Body
Fahari Zanzibar - FFB1 FFB1$6

Our body scrub - Msio - a traditional Zanzibar scrub, made through the ages for couples to massage each other to soften and p...

Fahari Zanzibar - FFB2 FFB2$10

A traditional local sandalwood face scrub. Mix a small amount with water, rub on face, leave to dry. Your skin with be exfo...

Fahari Zanzibar - FFB3 FFB3$6

Handmade soap, using only local ingredients; ylang ylang, jasmine, cinammon, sandalwood. Wrapped in colourful kitenge & hand...

Fahari Zanzibar - FFB4 FFB4$4

Locally sourced pumice stone, shaped and with a coconut rope cord. .

General Accessories
Fahari Zanzibar - FBROBE1 FBROBE1$59

Unisex bathrobe made from traditional colourful and highly patterned 100% cotton kitenge. Many colours and patterns are avail...

Fahari Zanzibar - FBROBE2 FBROBE2$59

Unisex bathrobe made from traditional colourful and highly patterned 100% cotton kitenge. Many colours and patterns are avail...

Fahari Zanzibar - FKAFTAN FKAFTAN$39

Beautiful Kaftan made from local Kanga (worn by generations of Swahili women in East Africa). Extremely comfortable they ar...

Fahari Zanzibar - FKANGA FKANGA$10

Colourful and vibrant kanga wraps, worn by Swahili women in Zanzibar for centuries. One worn as a sarong around the lower bo...

Key rings
Fahari Zanzibar - FKR1 FKR1$14

Key ring with African metal, Ebony wood, hand painted ceramic and recycled glass beads, on plaited thronging.

Fahari Zanzibar - FKR4 FKR4$10

Local Zanzibari baubau seeds with African hand painted ceramic, recycled glass, horn, bone or brass beads, on leather thongin...

Fahari Zanzibar - FKR5 FKR5$12

Hand carved and polished horn detail with leather tassle.

Fahari Zanzibar - FKR6 FKR6$10

Scored & punched African leather with recycled glass, hand painted ceramic or bone bead.

Fahari Zanzibar - FKRB FKRB$29

Extra large key ring made from hand cut and polished local cow horn or recycled farmed oyster shell, hand plaited thonging an...

Notebooks, Cards & Bookmarks
Fahari Zanzibar - FBM1 FBM1$6

African leather bookmark with punched & hand-scored patterns (FBM1 $9), or on hand cut cow horn or mother of pearl motifs, w...

Fahari Zanzibar - FBM3 FBM3$9

Bookmark made from leather thonging and African beads. Single strand $4 or triple plaited $9.

Fahari Zanzibar - FBM4 FBM4$9

Bookmark made from plaited leather thonging and African beads.

Fahari Zanzibar - FBM5 FBM5$16

Hand cut cow horn or hand polished oyster shell motif with plaited thongs, embellished with African beads.

Fahari Zanzibar - FGC FGC$7

Greeting cards handmade with local colourful kitenge & kanga fabrics - used for generations by Africans to make their clothes...

Fahari Zanzibar - FNB FNB$12

Notebooks bound in local Kitenge fabric and decorated, by hand, with local beads, shells or seeds. Small Notebook 10 x 15 cm...

Pouches: Mirrors, Phones & Spectacles
Fahari Zanzibar - FM1 FM1$39

Leather bound make up mirror, in pouch, decorated with shell, cow horn or African beads.

Fahari Zanzibar - FSCU FSCU$16

Spectacle & sun-glass cases; plain leather with punched and scored patterns. Available with plaited ukili strips (FSCU $16)...

Wallets, Purses & Holdalls
Fahari Zanzibar - FCCH FCCH$29

Leather business card/credit card holder with full kitenge lining and four internal pockets.

Fahari Zanzibar - FJP1 FJP1$48

Padded kitenge jewellery pouch embellished with beads and with ring post & three zip up pockets. Beaded tie closure. 18 x 12...

Fahari Zanzibar - FP FP$15

Zip up purses in a variety of colourful and highly patterned kitenge. Picture is for guidance; material patterns vary season...

Fahari Zanzibar - FPPH FPPH$24

Leather passport holder with kitenge lining/document pocket.

Fahari Zanzibar - FSHB FSHB$8

Kitenge shoe bag with drawstring ties. 25 x 32 cm.

Fahari Zanzibar - FTBK FTBK$36

Make up or shaving bag with full nylon waterproof lining with internal pocket. 21 x 10.5cm. Available in colourful kitenge or...

Fahari Zanzibar - FTBL FTBL$59

Zip up kitenge or canvas toilet bag with leather trim. Water proof lining and 4 internal pockets. Canvas available in Brown,...

Fahari Zanzibar - FTPC FTPC$25

Useful purse, with front zip pocket and a zip closure for security. Made from safari tent canvas and colourful African kiten...

Fahari Zanzibar - FVB FVB$99

Sturdy vanity box of ukili with leather base, back and top. Waterproof lining & colourful kitenge pocket. 22 x 18 cm.