Fahari - To have a sense of Pride
Fahari - To have a sense of Pride

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African Kitenge Fabric Bags
Fahari Zanzibar - FKB1 FKB1$125

African kitenge bag with hand made horn fittings, leather trim, handles and base. Leather popper security closure. Fully lin...

Fahari Zanzibar - FKB2 FKB2$99

Colourful African kitenge bag, with leather trim, handles and base and finished with a magnet and tassel closure. Fully line...

Fahari Zanzibar - FKB3 FKB3$119

African Kitenge bag with colourful lining and pocket, leather base, plaited handles and collar with magnet security closure....

Fahari Zanzibar - FTRBL FTRBL

Childrens Bags 1
Fahari Zanzibar - FP FP$15

Zip up purses in a variety of colourful and highly patterned kitenge. Picture is for guidance; material patterns vary season...

Fahari Zanzibar - FR-S FR-S$139

Rucksack full lined with leather sides and base, protective feet to prevent soiling. Adjustable shoulder straps. 30 x 38 cm...

For The Face And Body
Fahari Zanzibar - FFB1 FFB1$6

Our body scrub - Msio - a traditional Zanzibar scrub, made through the ages for couples to massage each other to soften and p...

Fahari Zanzibar - FFB2 FFB2$10

A traditional local sandalwood face scrub. Mix a small amount with water, rub on face, leave to dry. Your skin with be exfo...

Fahari Zanzibar - FFB3 FFB3$6

Handmade soap, using only local ingredients; ylang ylang, jasmine, cinammon, sandalwood. Wrapped in colourful kitenge & hand...

Fahari Zanzibar - FFB4 FFB4$4

Locally sourced pumice stone, shaped and with a coconut rope cord. .

General Accessories
Fahari Zanzibar - FBROBE1 FBROBE1$59

Unisex bathrobe made from traditional colourful and highly patterned 100% cotton kitenge. Many colours and patterns are avail...

Fahari Zanzibar - FBROBE2 FBROBE2$59

Unisex bathrobe made from traditional colourful and highly patterned 100% cotton kitenge. Many colours and patterns are avail...

Fahari Zanzibar - FKAFTAN FKAFTAN$39

Beautiful Kaftan made from local Kanga (worn by generations of Swahili women in East Africa). Extremely comfortable they ar...

Fahari Zanzibar - FKANGA FKANGA$10

Colourful and vibrant kanga wraps, worn by Swahili women in Zanzibar for centuries. One worn as a sarong around the lower bo...

Fahari Zanzibar - FSJC1 FSJC1

Sterling silver and hand ground and polished locally farmed oyster shell are hand cut and formed in our workshops to create t...

Fahari Zanzibar - FSJC1B FSJC1B

Working on the collections....

Fahari Zanzibar - FSJC2 FSJC2

Tanzanian gemstones are the main feature of this collection, and are combined with mother of pearl and sterling silver. Gems...

Fahari Zanzibar - FSJC2N FSJC2N

Close up of the oyster shell motif, which has been cut out, ground and sanded - by hand - before being polished to a gleami...

Fahari Zanzibar - FSJC3 FSJC3

Sterling silver chain is embellished with hand ground, polished and cut mother of pearl discs and Tanzanian gems. Gems avai...

Fahari Zanzibar - FSJC3B FSJC3B

Earrings with amethysts and sterling silver hook fittings, FSE2, $32.

Fahari Zanzibar - FSJC4 FSJC4

Fashionable leather thonged collection, comprising gemstones and sterling silver. Pendant: FSN3, $59 Bracelet: FSB3, $75 Hoo...

Fahari Zanzibar - FSJC4E FSJC4E

Sterling silver hoops, decorated with hand prepared mother of pearl motifs and Tanzanian gems. Available in small, medium or...

Fahari Zanzibar - FSJC5 FSJC5

Our jewellers hand form silver hoops, and combine them with mother of pearl discs to create this linked collection. Necklace...

Fahari Zanzibar - FSJC5E FSJC5E

Drop hoop earrings FSE10, $46.

Fahari Zanzibar - FSJC6 FSJC6

Glistening Tanzanian gems compliment the polished mother of pearl motif in this collection, which is finished with sterling s...

Fahari Zanzibar - FSJC6B FSJC6B

Arafa makes the collection from Tanzanian aqua marines.

Fahari Zanzibar - FSJC7 FSJC7

Leather thonged pendant, with sterling silver hand formed oval hoops, and complimentary bracelet and earrings. Thonging is...

Fahari Zanzibar - FSJC7N FSJC7N

Pendant with thonging to enable the wearer to adjust the length.

Fahari Zanzibar - FSJC8 FSJC8

Large mother of pearl motif, on sterling silver chain and leather thonging, with complimentary earrings. Both decorated with...

Key rings
Fahari Zanzibar - FKR1 FKR1$14

Key ring with African metal, Ebony wood, hand painted ceramic and recycled glass beads, on plaited thronging.

Fahari Zanzibar - FKR4 FKR4$10

Local Zanzibari baubau seeds with African hand painted ceramic, recycled glass, horn, bone or brass beads, on leather thongin...

Fahari Zanzibar - FKR5 FKR5$12

Hand carved and polished horn detail with leather tassle.

Fahari Zanzibar - FKR6 FKR6$10

Scored & punched African leather with recycled glass, hand painted ceramic or bone bead.

Fahari Zanzibar - FKRB FKRB$29

Extra large key ring made from hand cut and polished local cow horn or recycled farmed oyster shell, hand plaited thonging an...

Ladies Fabric Bags
Fahari Zanzibar - FKB4 FKB4$69

pleated body, front and back. Height 37 cm x 33 at top tapering to 38 cm at bottom wide.

Fahari Zanzibar - FKB6 FKB6$75

rouched centre detail. Height 37 cm x 33 at top tapering to 38 cm at bottom wide.

Fahari Zanzibar - FKB7 FKB7$79

trimmed with hand woven ukili trim dyed in complimentary colours. Heigh 37 cm x 33 at top tapering to 38 cm at bottom wide.

Fahari Zanzibar - FBATH FBATH$59

Bath robe made from colourful local kitenge fabrics, 100% cotton.

Fahari Zanzibar - FCJS1 FCJS1

Collection of Jewellery FSN6, FSB4 & FSN6. See individual products for more information.

Fahari Zanzibar - FCJS2 FCJS2

Fahari Zanzibar - FKAF FKAF$49

Kaftan made from colourful local kanga fabrics, 100% cotton - perfect for beach or leisure wear.

Fahari Zanzibar - FKR2 FKR2$10

[Right] 18cm long key ring with ornate brass African bead & hand cut and polished mother of pearl on leather thonging.

Fahari Zanzibar - FMW FMW$69

Men's wallet eith full reinforced kitenge lining, with leather money and credit card sections.

Fahari Zanzibar - FSB1 FSB1$65

Bracelet - Mother of pearl, which has been polished & cut out by hand, with Tanzanian gemstones. Select from aqua-marines, ci...

Fahari Zanzibar - FSB11 FSB11$85

Silver chain bracelet with hand polished and cut mother of pearl motifs, decorated with gemstones.

Fahari Zanzibar - FSB4 FSB4$75

Bracelet - Hand polished & cut mother of pearl discs with gemstones & silver.

Fahari Zanzibar - FSB7 FSB7$99

Bracelet - Hand formed silver links, hand polished & cut mother of pearl.

Fahari Zanzibar - FSB8 FSB8$99

Bracelet - Silver, mother of pearl, gemstones.

Fahari Zanzibar - FSB9 FSB9$99

Bracelet - Silver hand formed motifs, discs & chain with mother of pearl.

Fahari Zanzibar - FSE1 FSE1$35

Earrings with hand cut mother of pearl ovals and gemstones on silver hooks. Select from aqua-marines, citrines, peridot, smo...

Fahari Zanzibar - FSE10 FSE10$45

Earrings - Hand formed silver links, hand polished & cut mother of pearl.

Fahari Zanzibar - FSE11 FSE11$49

Earrings - Silver hand formed motifs, hand polished mother of pearl discs.

Fahari Zanzibar - FSE12 FSE12$75

Earrings - sterling sliver with hand polished mother of pearl and gem stone detail.

Fahari Zanzibar - FSE13 FSE13$39

Fahari jewellers painstakingly hand grind and polish Zanzibari oyster shell, which they cut out and finish with sterling silv...

Fahari Zanzibar - FSE2 FSE2$32

Earrings created from mother of pearl - formed by painstakingly hand polishing Zanzibari oyster shell in our workshops - whic...

Fahari Zanzibar - FSE3 FSE3$29

Earrings available in 4cm ($27), 5.5 cm ($29) or 7cm ($32) lengths - each incorporating sterling silver, Zanzibari hand prod...

Fahari Zanzibar - FSE4 FSE4$75

Earrings - hand polished mother of pearl from Tanzanian oyster shell, sterling silver and gemstones. Choose from rose quartz...

Fahari Zanzibar - FSE5 FSE5$49

Earring - Hand formed silver & mother of pearl, cut and polished by hand from Tanzanian oyster shell.

Fahari Zanzibar - FSE6 FSE6$39

Earrings - Mother of pearl discs, cut and polished by hand with gemstones & silver.

Fahari Zanzibar - FSE7 FSE7$42

Sterling silver hoop earrings with mother of pearl and gemstones. Available in three sizes; 1cm diameter with 1 mother of p...

Fahari Zanzibar - FSE8 FSE8$69

Earrings - hand cut and polished mother of pearl disks with sterling silver and gemstones.

Fahari Zanzibar - FSE9 FSE9$129

Earrings - hand cut and polished mother of pearl with gemstone detail.

Fahari Zanzibar - FSN1 FSN1$135

Twisted strands of gemstones with silver clasp and hand-cut mother of pearl motif. Choose from smoky quartz (pictured), rose...

Fahari Zanzibar - FSN10 FSN10$139

Necklace - Silver hand formed wire motifs, Solid Silver discs & Sterling Silver chain with hand-polished mother of pearl.

Fahari Zanzibar - FSN11 FSN11$95

Large pendant with Silver chain and silk thread. Hand polished mother of pearl with heavy gemstone.

Fahari Zanzibar - FSN12 FSN12$149

Short necklace, mother of pearl motifs on a Sterling silver chain with gemstones.

Fahari Zanzibar - FSN2 FSN2$45

Silver chain pendant with hand polished mother of pearl disc motif and gemstone.

Fahari Zanzibar - FSN4 FSN4$99

Necklace - Gemstones & leather with hand polished & cut mother of pearl motif with Sterling Silver clasp.

Fahari Zanzibar - FSN5 FSN5$69

Hand formed silver wire detailing with mother of pearl motif on adjustable leather thonging.

Fahari Zanzibar - FSN6 FSN6$175

Necklace - Hand polished & cut mother of pearl discs with gemstones & silver.

Fahari Zanzibar - FSN7 FSN7$159

Long Necklace - Hand formed sterling silver, embellished with hand cut Zanzibari mother of pearl.

Fahari Zanzibar - FSN8 FSN8$69

Mother of pearl motif on a sterling silver chain, decorated with gemstones. Sterling silver clasp.

Fahari Zanzibar - FSN9 FSN9$139

Hand formed Sterling silver & polished mother of pearl motifs on a Sterling silver chain.

Fahari Zanzibar - FUB2 FUB2$195

Woven ukili day bag with leather collar, reinforced base with protective feet, plaited handles & toggle with African bead clo...

Fahari Zanzibar - FUB20 FUB20$125

Clutch in plaited ukili with mother of pearl & gemstone embellishment, on suede leather flap with magnet closure. Chain strap...

Notebooks, Cards & Bookmarks
Fahari Zanzibar - FBM1 FBM1$6

African leather bookmark with punched & hand-scored patterns (FBM1 $9), or on hand cut cow horn or mother of pearl motifs, w...

Fahari Zanzibar - FBM3 FBM3$9

Bookmark made from leather thonging and African beads. Single strand $4 or triple plaited $9.

Fahari Zanzibar - FBM4 FBM4$9

Bookmark made from plaited leather thonging and African beads.

Fahari Zanzibar - FBM5 FBM5$16

Hand cut cow horn or hand polished oyster shell motif with plaited thongs, embellished with African beads.

Fahari Zanzibar - FGC FGC$7

Greeting cards handmade with local colourful kitenge & kanga fabrics - used for generations by Africans to make their clothes...

Fahari Zanzibar - FNB FNB$12

Notebooks bound in local Kitenge fabric and decorated, by hand, with local beads, shells or seeds. Small Notebook 10 x 15 cm...

Pouches: Mirrors, Phones & Spectacles
Fahari Zanzibar - FM1 FM1$39

Leather bound make up mirror, in pouch, decorated with shell, cow horn or African beads.

Fahari Zanzibar - FSCU FSCU$16

Spectacle & sun-glass cases; plain leather with punched and scored patterns. Available with plaited ukili strips (FSCU $16)...

Safari Tent Canvas Bags
Fahari Zanzibar - FCBW1 FCBW1$125

Roomy safari tent canvas shoulder bag. Two leather external pockets at the front, one zipper pocket at the back. Adjustable...

Fahari Zanzibar - FCBW2 FCBW2$69

Canvas bag, trimmed with ukili, that can be hand held or worn on the shoulder, with horizontal double pocket or single patch...

Fahari Zanzibar - FKB8 FKB8

To be completed.

Fahari Zanzibar - FKB9 FKB9

To be completed...

Fahari Zanzibar - FTRBC FTRBC$89

Ukili (Plaited Palm Leaf) Bags & Baskets
Fahari Zanzibar - FUB12 FUB12$119

Clutch with hand cut and polished horn based on soft leather flap with magnet closure. 38 x 21 cm.

Fahari Zanzibar - FUB14 FUB14$149

Woven ukili tote bag. Ideal for carrying laptop and documents. Reinforced with leather base, with protective feet to preven...

Fahari Zanzibar - FUB21 FUB21$149

Day bag in hand plaited ukili with soft leather trim and polished leather handles. Fully lined in colourful local African ki...

Fahari Zanzibar - FUB22 FUB22$149

Soft suede leather shopper with polished leather handles, plaited ukili trim. Full kitenge lining, including pouch and mobi...

Fahari Zanzibar - FUB29 FUB29$99

A stunning clutch made from ukili (local palm leaf, hand dyed, plaited and formed into a bag), finished with a leather flap....

Fahari Zanzibar - FUB3 FUB3$199

Large ukili shopper/weekender with plaited leather handles, collar and base (including protective feet to guard against soili...

Fahari Zanzibar - FUB30 FUB30$125

Hand plaited ukili with leather flap and optional wrist strap, which can be tucked inside the bag. Embellished with hand poli...

Fahari Zanzibar - FUB31 FUB31$99

Stunning clutch bag made from ukili (local palm leaf, hand dyed and plaited, and formed into a bag), trimmed with local leath...

Unisex Weekend Collection: Bags & Accessories
Fahari Zanzibar - FJP1 FJP1$48

Padded kitenge jewellery pouch embellished with beads and with ring post & three zip up pockets. Beaded tie closure. 18 x 12...

Fahari Zanzibar - FPPH FPPH$24

Leather passport holder with kitenge lining/document pocket.

Fahari Zanzibar - FSHB FSHB$8

Kitenge shoe bag with drawstring ties. 25 x 32 cm.

Fahari Zanzibar - FTBK FTBK$36

Make up or shaving bag with full nylon waterproof lining with internal pocket. 21 x 10.5cm. Available in colourful kitenge or...

Fahari Zanzibar - FTBL FTBL$59

Zip up kitenge or canvas toilet bag with leather trim. Water proof lining and 4 internal pockets. Canvas available in Brown,...

Fahari Zanzibar - FVB FVB$99

Sturdy vanity box of ukili with leather base, back and top. Waterproof lining & colourful kitenge pocket. 22 x 18 cm.

Unisex/Mens Bags 1
Fahari Zanzibar - FBC FBC$145

Briefcase available in canvas with leather trim ($145), or all leather (FBCL - $249). Zipped external document pocket and...

Fahari Zanzibar - FCOMPB FCOMPB$125

Computer bag with internal and external portfolio, phone and pen pockets, detachable shoulder strap. Available in canvas or...

Fahari Zanzibar - FMB1 FMB1$120

Shoulder bag made from strong locally produced safari tent canvas, with leather external pocket with popper closure and adjus...

Fahari Zanzibar - FMB2 FMB2$149

African produced safari tent canvas courier bag with 4 external pouch pockets: 2 on the front, and one pouch and one zip pock...

Fahari Zanzibar - FMB3 FMB3$159

Weekend or sports bag in African safari tent canvas with leather trim and detachable, adjustable, shoulder strap. Fully lin...

Fahari Zanzibar - FMB4 FMB4$120

Shoulder bag made from strong locally produced safari tent canvas, with leather external pocket with popper closure and adjus...

Fahari Zanzibar - FOB2 FOB2$155

Large weekend holdall in canvas or colourful patterned kitenge with leather trim, base and handles. Large internal and extern...

Fahari Zanzibar - FOBC FOBC$135

Large weekend hold all with leather trim, large internal and external pockets. Protective feet on reinforced leather base to...

Fahari Zanzibar - FOBK FOBK$135

Large overnight holdall in kitenge with leather trim and handles, sides and base. Large internal and external pockets. Avail...

Versatile Shopper/Beach Bags & Beach Baskets
Fahari Zanzibar - FB1 FB1$56

Basket with leather plaited handles and press stud fringed leather closure on leather trim 54 x 30 cm.

Fahari Zanzibar - FB2 FB2$39

Basket with riveted leather handles & trim, with adjustable press-stud/leather closure tab. 54 x 30 cm.

Fahari Zanzibar - FB4 FB4$49

Featured front of shot: palm leaf basket with hand thonged leather handle and recycled glass or ceramic hand-painted African...

Fahari Zanzibar - KIKAPU KIKAPU

Kikapu are traditional Swahili baskets, used by fisherman to bring home their catch on the handlebars of their bicycles....Fa...

Wallets, Purses & Holdalls
Fahari Zanzibar - FCCH FCCH$29

Leather business card/credit card holder with full kitenge lining and four internal pockets.

Fahari Zanzibar - FTPC FTPC$25

Useful purse, with front zip pocket and a zip closure for security. Made from safari tent canvas and colourful African kiten...